About the Creator

Hi! My name is Daniel Gavilanes and I want to introduce you to this corner of the internet. Every person with an opinion wants to start a blog at some point and the concept comes from before blogs were even around. Our surrounding and circumstances are intriguing, and the best way to understand them is to see them with a reader’s eyes after writing them somewhere. Journaling, gossiping and now Twitter come from the same desire to express this well of information we have within. Some express it beautifully and creatively, while others choose the more hateful and self-righteous approach.

I want to create a space where my voice gains a body, where I can post my opinions, thoughts, and literary works. My background is in Environmental Engineering so I do wish to go in depth about environmental issues, but also give insight on our current situation. There is research and opinions that I want to post in regards to the entertainment industry, and I hope you can listen to it. Nevertheless, the backbone of my writing career has always been writing, therefore, I will always post some form of literature. I hope you can enjoy your stay.

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