Quick Math for Anxiety Attacks

A marathon is 26 miles 

running half of that shouldn’t take long

The first mile of 13

Filled with long seconds

4 minutes per mile

to end it in less than an hour

the training during study days

each routine planned for the week

months weren’t enough

The human body can survive 3 weeks without food

3 days without water

3 minutes without air

So as you enter the second mile, 


you’d be dead if you didn’t

count each breath as it were your last

don’t let an anxious heart fasten your pace

10 beats every 6 seconds

10 times you are reminded your heart

 is still with you

count to 6

if your scars itch at night 

count chocolate wrappers

make it sweet

ones and zeroes can’t hurt you

so keep running

and turn them into

non-binary digits

the third, the eight, the fifth

the middle miles are mindless

Your tired mind turns to a toddler

It took you years to walk

and it takes more

to run

Forget seconds, minutes or hours

miles are long

taking up space, present and future

years past hurt kilotons

no matter how many times you recount them

numbers flow in the river of asphalt 

in front of you

keep running

and Count the steps

the track isn’t going anywhere


you can’t change the end

afraid of the ending stretch

or bearing a big number, still

Make every step count

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