10% of the world has a sixth finger in their right hand.
7% tie their shoes the wrong way
Only 2% don’t tie them at all
42% sob spontaneously at 11pm
And 68% masturbate afterwards

2% look at sky thinking it’s a good day
74% won’t say Hi back to you when they don’t know you
Numbers don’t lie right
People do

When walking on Rittenhouse Square you can test this
Wave at all the strangers passing by
Wait for them to look up the sky
Look at their under-eye bags filled with stories

The ones in black t-shirts just lost their jobs
People walking their dogs have family stuff
That one saxophone player is having a great day
He might've been dumped by his girlfriend

No one is reading their stories
Their pages remain unturned
Everyone walking on Walnut St
Could have died the day before

But their stories keep writing
Can't stop walking through their books
Telling their stories to themselves 
In the mirror with just looks

Every morning getting up shedding
Every gesture and motion fading
Every memory once treasured ebbing
In the flow of the neighbor's story
In the narrative of another one's glory

76% of statistics are made on the spot
And 100% are capable of love
Turn the page of your book
All you need is a little shove

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