Last Car Ride’s Sleep

Fast-paced blinks become 
Tiny blankets to cover
Days of nightmares
Dark and scary routines

All liting the road ahead
All blue and black to shed
The streetlights damped
With the viscous mist
Coming from the steaming pile
Of lies littering my life

The empty road
Like a mattress store
With cushions painted in code
All pointed forwards
To a cloud of darkness
No markings in the beyond

The bedsheets as words
The music of silence
Turns smooth for a moment
With the tires screeching
Singing tunes of defeat

The mattress store closes
One last impulse buy
One last blink left
One last closing door
My eyelids praying to keep me awake

The side road motel room
Has grass for linen
The wallpapers tainted red
With my windshield
As the chandelier

As a kid I dreamt
I slept in a car bed
To drive far and away
From people and voices
Outside my dream's reach

With this crashing sleep
I can dig the grave
For the alarm clock
That kept me awake
Inside this bumpy car ride

Hoka Hey
Sunshine rising
Slowly fading
Only leaking gas
My fatal breath waving

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