Dinnertime Bell

Paranoia and pain creeping
Like tumors growing with sickness
Like hungry infections eating
Mortality in timeliness

In a second the ticking clock
Can change the color of the sky
The shy noon will soon leave in shock
Once it hears the lonely dawn´s cry

At eight o'clock that tranquil night
Sounds of the buzzing street lights
Only embers of life in sight
When only silent dreams burn bright

Twelve painful hours quickly pass
Half a day gets devoured by
A living nightmare with no chance
To come out unscathed from this lie

In brief instants, all smiles are gone
In just seconds time almost froze
In minutes death knocked on our door
In two hours they said stage four

Like a scenario for a play
Where you expect only stories
Heroes with a few words to say
Of tragedies and comedies

You don't expect the glare of time
Looking back from the dark abyss
Not your mother in a CAT scan
Knowing that something is amiss

Why wait for the final three chimes
To let your heart burn with sorrow
The truth is you won't find the time
To live life with no tomorrow

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