Never-Ending Stone

Behind the prison of waves
Where no clean shoes have set foot
Amongst the antediluvian shipwrecks
Amongst the rocky devouring maw

The waves guarding the center
Taking sanity as its toll
For all just and honest, men, women, and others
Darken their hearts with screams of agony

Slowly soft eyes get filled with red vines
Porcelain skin builds up rust
The stormy winds erode all hope
As you approach the spire before you

Beware the sounds of madness
Circling like vultures looking for carcasses
Around the only source of light
A turquoise green, rot-like shine

The old fool still there
Repeating the motions of yesterday
And the day before and the one before
Enslaved by a long-gone past

Once colors of greed and decay
Tainted by fear of the veil
Of the final step to no man's land
The wise mage sought more

The stone of poems and songs
A way to live past the ticking clock
No wall too tall or price too high
The desire was more than enough

To see beyond the other side
But the curse punished his greed
All life was given to him indeed
But mind and spirit would soon leave

After years the wise fool saw
The error of that first thought
That life itself was ephemeral
Just like the stones on the coast

But all stars turn to dust
All light leaves for dusk
And so do the coastal hills
Turn sharp and without their form

So did his head
So did his heart
So did his soul
Turn dark forevermore

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