Breath of Time

Steady circles of leaves
Carried by autumn winds
Light of dusk showering
The dancing fields of grass

A blink indenting
The new chapter of the trees
Orange turns to white
And the leaves whither

Leaving space for death
To carry the rest of winter
To gift with shine the time
Of births and blooms

When the bedsheets are turned over
Melted by the sun and the soils' newborns
She sings and grows greens
As spring breakers join with cheers

Like a cherry blossom pink
When a songbird begins to sing
Sprouts of life racing
To reach the clear blue Sky

Then A Midnight's Summer Dream
Wakes the people, land and seas
Vines and leafs halt their growth
As brother Sun razes the ground

Sister Moon changes clothes
To greet every stepping stone
In Mother's death and conception
In this in-progress space playground

Little toys in the big boys' sandbox
Of mountains, rivers, and oceans
Our chance for a spot in the family picture
Our choice to lend a hand to our grieving Mother

Here is a poem I wrote for the World Environment Day, I hope that it reminds everyone that we have a beautiful natural world here so we should take care of it. No matter how small the action we take, we have to start somewhere and keep on helping until we can truly live in a balanced environment.

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